Tomorrow is renewable

Quality comes from sawing

Versowood´s modern sawmills produce high-grade sawn timber for construction and industrial purposes such as door, window and furniture industries. We manufacture high quality and dimensionally accurate sawn timber. We manufacture CE-marked finger-jointed timber. With finger-jointed extensions, we can produce longer sawn timber products, which are very straight and dimensionally accurate.

Ecological sustainbility with glulam products

Glulam is in an ecological, easy to install and strong construction material. Glulam can be used in small and large buildings for example in large sport halls, schools, kindergartens, or blocks of flats. Glulam is especially suitable for sites where long spans are needed in load-bearing structures.

Kuningaspaneeli® panels for durable and attractive outdoor cladding

Kuningaspaneeli® panels are quick to install, and they are also a cost-effective choice for outdoor cladding. Versowood King Panel is made of strength-graded and split spruce glulam. The massive King Panel is modern and impressive exterior cladding material. King Panel has an exceptional dimensional stability.

Matti Iso-Kuusela

Sales Director

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