Our task is to improve the profitability of sawmills

For more than 40 years, Microtec has been the world’s leading technology company for intelligent measurement of wood. In 2021, the Finnish FinScan and the Swedish WoodEye merged into the Microtec Group. Microtec now employs 420 professionals around the world to develop more efficient, artificial intelligence-based measurement solutions to improve our customers’ profitability.


Microtec is the first company in the world to offer its customers gapless production traceability from the log yard to the finished product. Microtec Smart Link combines production data from the log yard, saw line and green and dry sorting with further processing using Mill Manager software. Mill Manager manages production data and produces real-time information on all production processes. Each piece can be monitored individually and optimized for production by, among other things, comparing real values and target values in real time, detecting and understanding deviations at an early stage, and making informed changes to production.

Log scanners

Microtec's log scanner range offers a suitable solution for every sawmill. CT Log, the most advanced log scanner on the market, uses computed tomography to scan a log and creates a digital 3D model of each log. The value of the log rises by up to 8% on average. Logeye log scanner measures logs with multi-sensor cameras and a new generation of X-ray technology. Logeye brings more efficiency to production and enables production optimization based on goals and quality value.

Board scanners

Microtec's Finscan board scanner is a combination of the most advanced electronics and hardware and the best AI software. While technically simple and easy to maintain, Finscan’s performance is now better than ever before. Moistspy is a continuous-measurement moisture scanner which verifies the results of the drying process using microwave technology with 4-point scanning. It scans the moisture content of every board without physical contact. Endspy is a board-end analyser for sawmill applications in green grading, final grading or remanufacturing plants.


Software development is one of the cornerstones of Microtec's success. Product development is done together with professionals around the world. Fully software-based strength grading, which can be connected to the Finscan system, can be used in final and green sorting as well as in planed timber and glulam lamellas sorting. The NA software version can be used to sort sawn timber according to North American ALS / CLS standards. Additional software packages can be used to make e.g. finger joint and component sorting. Microtec's Mill Manager is an entire sawmill management and reporting tool where production data can be viewed in real time.

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