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wood scanning solutions

MiCROTEC is the global technology and market leader in intelligent wood characteristics recognition for optimizing the use in the wood processing industry and has been setting the standards in this market since 1980. There is no process that is not streamlined, optimized, and accelerated by MiCROTEC technologies and systems. Always committed to providing the customer with the most economically & ecologically sustainable wood utilization.


MiCROTEC is the first company in the world to offer its customers gapless production traceability from the log yard to the finished product. MiCROTEC Smart Link combines production data from the log yard, saw line and green and dry sorting with further processing using Mill Manager software. Mill Manager manages production data and produces real-time information on all production processes. Each piece can be monitored individually and optimized for production by, among other things, comparing real values ​​and target values ​​in real time, detecting and understanding deviations at an early stage, and making informed changes to production.

Log scanners

MiCROTEC's range of log scanner offers surely a suitable solution for sawmills of all sizes. Our flagship CT Log Computed Tomography scans and digitally reconstructs the internal features of the log allowing the assessment of the optimum cutting solution in real time. Logeye 300 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner enables log sorting according to diameter, length, curvature, taper, and quality features as well as bucking and primary and secondary breakdown optimization, extracting the highest value for your plant. Read more about our log scanners microtec.eu

Board scanners

Our board scanner Finscan is a combination of the most advanced electronics and hardware and the best AI software. While technically simple and easy to maintain, Finscan’s performance is now better than ever before. Moistspy is a continuous-measurement moisture scanner which verifies the results of the drying process using microwave technology with 4- to 8-point scanning. It scans the moisture content of every board without physical contact. Read more about our board scanners microtec.eu

Reman scanners

In speeds up to 1200m per minute, the lumber is inspected on up to 6 sides as it passes through the scanner. Sensors and cameras specialized to detect various properties in the wood with absolute accuracy help create a complete image of the material and its qualities. Based on each customer-specific criteria, the scanner uses this information to make decisions on cutting, grading and sorting and thereby produces a consistent and optimal result. Read more about our reman scanners microtec.eu

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