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World leading wood scanning solutions

Why MiCROTEC? Because wood scanning belongs to the #1.

MiCROTEC is the most trusted scanning & optimization provider for the sawmilling and wood processing industry. As the worldwide partner for the global wood industry, MiCROTEC’s team members constantly create new approaches and solutions to boost value in wood processing for our customers.

We have been setting the standards in this market since 1980.

Log Scanners

MiCROTEC’s range of log scanners offers a suitable solution for sawmills of all sizes. The flagship CT Log scanner provides a complete 3D reconstruction of the internal features enabling optimization of the board output already in the logyard. The Logeye family of transverse and lineal scanners offers log sorting for the logyard and sawmill. The Logeye multi-sensor scanner utilizes laser, colour, and X-ray channels to provide a wealth of accurate data for log sorting and cutting optimization.

Lumber Scanners

With over 40 years of history of lumber scanning, MiCROTEC offers a wide selection of lumber scanners for every need. The technology combines lasers, cameras, X-ray technology, and Artificial Intelligence to increases yield and achieves the most accurate scanning results assuring high and constant quality. Sawmill solutions includes the transversal scanners Finscan 900 and Goldeneye 900 as well as the lineal Goldeneye family with variations for cross cutting, sorting, strength grading, and secondary processing applications.

MiCROTEC Connect

MiCROTEC Connect is the real fingerprint system based on CT-scanned logs. Through the integrated and innovative scanner and software solutions and the implemented MiCROTEC Ai platform, each log can be traced from virtual to real boards. Likewise, the individual boards can be traced back to their original logs and recognized at each production step without any gaps. This modular concept offers huge benefits for mill-wide value & recovery optimization.


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