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Fracht Finland Oy Ltd

Fracht Finland Oy Ltd

Solutions in every direction

We are a family! The heart of our business is upheld by dedicated professionals who focus on our customers’ needs and provide outstanding quality and operational excellence. Since 1955, the Fracht Group has been family owned and operated. Our aim is to provide the best possible personalized service to each and every one of our customers, regardless of the size or magnitude of your business.

Ocean freight services

Our service portfolio includes services from container drayage, container stuffing, warehousing at ports, customs procedures and global ocean freight by carrier management concept. These services are provided by dedicated and experienced easy-to-reach customer service team.

Fracht Sustainability Mission

“The Fracht Group is a family owned freight forwarding company. Since the beginning of our company, our highest values are the integrity and respect for humans, animals, nature, and most of all respect for each other in the broadest sense of the word.

At Fracht sustainability is deeply rooted in our values. We aspire to be a human and humanitarian company. People’s well-being is at the core of everything we do – every voice is heard and diversity is celebrated. Our sustainability strategy is not only written in our policies – it lives in our DNA.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are an integral part of our company’s vision and culture through our Fracht Forward sustainability Program

Sustainability is a commitment that unites us all”

– Ruedi Reisdorf

Fracht Forward

Fracht Forward is driven by a top-down, bottom-up approach. We have woven sustainability into our business model at the highest level, with the objective of exceeding benchmarks in the logistics industry.

In the field, we work in collaboration with our customers and suppliers to develop sustainable solutions, delivering on models of operational excellence that integrate sustainability as a core metric.

The Fracht Forward program is the combination of both our ESG and philanthropic initiatives; strengthened by our global commitment and local actions. All are aligned and guided by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Finland Oy Ltd

Ansatie 6a A

01740 Vantaa, Finland

Pekka Huhtanen

Sales Manager

+358 40 180 4558

Jarmo Kalliomäki

Sales Manager

+358 40 766 5382


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