We are a family! The heart of our business is upheld by dedicated professionals who focus on our customers’ needs and provide outstanding quality and operational excellence. Since 1955, the Fracht Group has been family owned and operated. Our aim is to provide the best possible personalized service to each and every one of our customers, regardless of the size or magnitude of your business

Ocean freight services

Our service portfolio include services from container drayage, container stuffing, warehousing at ports, customs procedures and global ocean freight by carrier management concept. These services are provided by dedicated and experienced easy-to-reach customer service team.

Sustainability – as a driver

By favoring green options in all transport modes we aim to reduce carbon emissions and encourage our partners towards carbon neutral future. Measuring CO2 emissions and reporting the data supports us on our path and contributes to the sustainability goals of our customers and stakeholders.

CSR – on a mission

People’s wellbeing is in the core of all our doings. Fracht Group is committed to UN Sustainable Development Goals as an integral part of company vision. In very short, it is our goal to be a “human and humanitarian” company and we emphasize CSR in all our ventures and operations.

Pekka Huhtanen

Sales Manager


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Jarmo Kalliomäki

Sales Manager

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