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Growing strong

Our history as a family-owned company goes as far back as to the 1960. In over six decades we have expanded our sales into new markets and grown our production volume remarkably. Soon we will be able to offer you sawn timber also from our brand-new sawmill located in Oulu that will double our annual production volume from 360 000 m3 to 700 000 m3.

Excellent quality, reliable deliveries and good people to do business with – what more would you need?

We promise to deliver according (or even beyond!) your expectations. We are proud to say that our timber is one of the strongest coniferous materials in the world. Slowly grown Nordic forests offer us strong and durable timber for redwood and whitewood products. In addition to durability, our products are characterized by dimensional accuracy and a high level of finish.

Sawn timber

We produce both pine and spruce sawn timber according to our customer´s needs.

Timber products are always finished in terms of moisture, quality, length and dimensions to meet the customer’s wishes and to be perfectly suitable for the end use. All our sawn timber is artificially dried to the desired humidity with a tolerance of two percentage points. Our extra dry (10–14%) sawn timber is subtly dried in our large chamber dryers, which have hydraulic presses on top of the bar loads.


For panels we select only high-quality spruce and pine from our production. All our raw materials are sawn, dried and graded at the production facilities of Junnikkala. Our planer’s modern lines are used to complete various profiles, planing, precision cutting and end joints, as well as special packaging. Thus, we can guarantee a smooth and high-quality end result. Modern technology and our professional staff enable us to meet even the most demanding needs.

Operating principles

Our operating principles form a basis for all our operations.

Company – Growing strong means that we want to be strong with our customers. We seek long-term relationships that make sense for both parties.

Safety – We want to cherish the well-being of our employees. In all of our operations safety comes first.

Sustainability – In sourcing we respect the seller, raw material and Finnish nature. We cut the trees in order to maximize the amount of logs. We are constantly improving our energy efficiency and reuse of materials.



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Veli-Matti Junnikkala

Sales Director

+358 50 558 3252


Roope Säteri

Sales Manager, Europe

+358 50 495 4623


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