We are a strong pillar of support for industry

We act as a strong pillar of support for industry, making sure that goods are transported to meet the needs of industry and that society works. We are an experienced multitalented logistics expert, on rails and wheels.

Our long experience as an operator in the sawmill industry and our significant capacity ensure efficient and well-functioning domestic logistics.

Logistics partner of the forest industry

We are a versatile logistics partner for the mechanical forest industry. Our sustained development work with our customers has made our delivery processes quick and flexible. In road traffic, we take care of full loads of the forest industry’s direct customer and port deliveries. Diverse rolling stock solutions facilitate the versatility of the rolling stock, synergy benefits between outgoing and incoming transports of solid and loose products, and efficient delivery processes. Personal transport planning is an integral part of the comprehensive services we offer. Our services are based on long-term cooperation with local contract operators. In rail traffic, we focus on regular transports and high volumes from production plants to ports and transports between production plants.

Diverse supplementary services

We offer an extensive range of supplementary logistics services that complement our rail and road transport operations. We build a customised, flexible and efficient logistics service together with the customer. Logistics solutions can be built from different service modules in a customer-oriented way. The customer can assign responsibility for the entire supply chain to us. In addition to transport services, we offer: • warehousing services with loading, unloading and sorting services • forwarding and customs clearance services • concept design and • emissions reporting.

We invest in supply chain transparency

The Logistics360 service provides a complete picture of our transport services. Logistics360 is a monitoring and reporting service for transport orders and it is intended for our contractual customers. Our services guarantee a smooth production process, decrease the need for intermediate storage, increase the efficiency of material flows and facilitate flexible and punctual deliveries to end customers.

Janne Heikkilä

Sales Manager