Timber Exchange

Timber Exchange is a provider of supply chain tools, b2b marketplace for the forestry industry. 

The supply chain tools automate key processes, allowing exporters, importers and freight forwarders to jointly manage global exports sales, logistics and legal obligations in a central and multilingual platform. Covering all steps from tendering and contract signing until the cargo arrives at final destination


The B2B marketplace allows companies to create tenders to buy/sell timber, control visibility and manage offers easily from a single view with advanced functionality.  


The Market Data Hub tracks global industry performance on a monthly basis throughout all steps of the supply chain including production, inventory, shipping, consumption and prices of timber globally. Tracking a total of 79 market indicators. 

Advanced Supply Chain Tools

Over 90 smart tools in 5 languages built specifically for the unique needs of the timber industry cover all steps, from customer inquiry until delivery at destination. Allowing colleagues and counterparties to manage sales, logistics and legal obligations from a central workspace that automatically creates tasks, schedules and warnings. https://www.timber.exchange/advanced-supply-chain-tools

Market Data Hub

"Demand and Supply" is the open marketplace where importers can upload demand and sawmills can upload stocklists or free capacity in production plans. The module has incorporated various advanced options to be flexible and meet all different needs and requirements to function in a manner that is true to reality. https://www.timber.exchange/b2b-marketplace

B2B Marketplace

Trade directly with established and verified sawmills and importers from around the world. Cut out middle-men and jump over language barriers. Control who can see your tenders and filter available supply/demand per your criteria. https://www.timber.exchange/b2b-marketplace

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