Russ Taylor Global

RUSS TAYLOR GLOBAL features Solid Wood Business and Market Consulting. After 28 years of leading International WOOD MARKETS Group in Vancouver on global strategic analysis work, Russ Taylor is now back working independently and, with his extensive global network of experts, continues to specialize in:  

  • Market analysis: Country to global assessments; logs to commodities
  • Industry analysis: Country to global timber/lumber supply/cost analysis
  • Supply-side & trade analysis: Country supply-side dynamics and exports
  • Competitive analysis & positioning: Country timber/sawmill costs
  • Global timber/lumber & price outlooks: Short- and long-term forecasts
  • Other specialities: Product development, due diligence, presentations, & more


As an independent third-party resource with no strings attached, Russ and his network are available for client needs when it comes to difficult-to-find information, for short industry/market perspectives, as well as in-depth analysis on specific topics.


Contact Russ Taylor for expert consulting services and/or targeted strategic assistance. Or simply send an inquiry on what you are looking for (small to large items) and we will assist you in obtaining what you need or advise where in our network you can get it.

Russ Taylor


+1 604 897 5666