As one of the largest sawmills in Finland, we see it as our responsibility to make sure the forest is used wisely. We ensure that the entire supply chain operates efficiently and sustainably. We respect the forest in the best way we know – by harvesting and further processing Finnish wood into superior quality products.

Our high-quality wood products

We sell our spruce and pine sawn goods and further processed products, manufactured from strictly selected raw material, with various surface treatments and deliver them to five different continents. Our customers are end users, retailers and suppliers to various wood product industries. Thanks to our own raw material harvesting, our service is flexible, diverse and fast, and our products are always of the highest quality. We offer a multifaceted selection of further processed wood products, which are available as finished wood or as surface-treated products.

Heikki Hippi

Director, Sales

Hanna Penttala

Sales Manager

+358 20 779 1144

Hannu Kuismanen

Export Manager

Mikko Vuori

Sales Manager (refining)

+358 20 779 1190