Lahti Campus

The new Lahti campus is a modern learning environment which is built on former factory premises.

Mixing old and new provides a unique and inspiring setting for learning and working in an international setting.

LAB University

LAB University is known for its wood technology teaching and research. Our courses range from a four year Wood Technology Engineering course to various tailor made courses for various end use purposes. LAB wood technology courses cover the entire value chain from forests to end uses.

International Timber Academy

LAB University offers the International Timber Academy. This course gives a good and condensed package of Nordic Timber Trade and the international trade. There are four distance learning sections covering following modules:
1. Forests: Wood as a raw material, forestry and environmental issues
2. Sawmilling: Timber trade, further processed goods like CLT and Glulam, and substitutes
3. Panel Products: Different Plywoods, LVL, OSB, MDF and other panel products
4. International Trade for wood based products: Exports, imports and trade flows, logistics and Incoterms, and future trends
5. The 5th module will be held in Finland. Then during those 10 days we have live lectures going deeper into various topics.

Virtual Wood University

Another exciting development in our international education is the Virtual Wood University. This is a joint venture between LAB University, Mossbach University in Germany, Salzburg University in Austria and Tallinn University in Estonia.
As the name says the courses are run virtually over the internet. Each partner supplies certain modules, to be available to all students.
First courses will be rolled out during Spring 2021.


LAB University can also offer tailored, interactive wood product business education for instance to companies, trade associations etc anywhere in the world. Please get in touch with us.

Esa Mikkonen

Senior Lecturer, Wood Technology

+358 44 7085161