FM Timber
Wood for Masters

FM Timber Ltd is a private owned sawmill company founded in 1997. Company factories are located in 3 different towns Pihtipudas, Pyhäntä, Kiihtelysvaara. The company turnover is about 67 million euros and it employs about 140 people. Sawn timber production is about 180 000 m3 and planing mill capacity 70 000 m3. Spruce and pine share is about 30/70. The profession of the founding partners is reflected in the first part of the company name: FM stands for Forest Master.3

Sawn goods

FM Timber can provide full range of sawn goods from 75 mm to 225 mm widths.
Length variation normally from 3.0 m to 5.1 m but company can also provide special measure products for example 3.7 and 4.0 m lengths.
The logs can be sawn either as center split 2/4 ex log or as center free CF sawing. Also through cut items into 22-25 mm thicknesses are in sawing programs. As a sideboards the company manufacture 16-25x75-100 mm sizes.

Quality grading and kilning

Sawn timber is manufactured following the Nordic quality grading or precision graded to meet customer’s wishes. Our main grades are fresh knotted sawn timber LST grades and standard heart wood grades US, SF, V and VI. As precision grades, for example, heart side SF- sorted planks for log house industry. Grading by knot distribution LST- grades are also possible.
Using chamber kilns makes it possible to dry products until they contain the precise moisture content required by the customer. Moisture contents 10-20 %, in accordance with use. Fresh deliveries are also possible with anti stain treatment.

C24 and further processing

FM Timber can provide sawn goods or planed goods as C24 stress graded. Also normal planed goods as S4S and for example decking profiles are in production.

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Sales Director

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Export Manager

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